dinsdag 29 maart 2011

* Wish upon a star


Today is exactly one year since we lost our baby *

There really is not a day passed that I have not thought of.
Yesterday I have a scrapbook made ​​especially for us baby *.

I also found a beautiful poem:

Dear Mini
A bit, but if I carry you with me
A bit, but we were dreaming about you
A bit, but carefree enjoyment
A bit, but fantasize about what was coming
Just some seconds ...

It is now time to say goodbye, you may go now
I do not know where, I hope not far from us
Go and find your place in heaven
And among all other stars are shining
Or is a beautiful butterfly
And occasionally fly with us

Know that we love you
Know that you belong to us
Know that we will love your child, you
Do we really want you had known
You know we will not forget ...

Not a bit, but .... but forever!

Forever our second child
Forever in our hearts
Forever a part of our
Forever part of our family
Forever little brother or sister of Kimberly
Forever in our memories

Forever ...

Mini sweetest day, lovely day star, butterfly day ...

Big hugs, Lucienne -xxx-

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